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About Us

Nerkar’ is the name that familiarizes with the name of our kind city Nashik. The alphabets ‘N’ and K” in the name Nerkar’ are acquainted with those in the name ‘Nashik”.

Established in the year 1983 Nerkar Properties is one of Nashik's premier and respected real estate developers with more than 38 years of quality experience in the field of real estate. 

Having established itself as Nashik's premier and one of the trusted Nerkar Properties developers is now spreading its wings and expanding operations into the field of construction.

Project spanning across diverse sectors – Agriculture, residential, commercial and even industrial.

Innovative planning, timely execution, wide range of amenities and overall robust build quality.

Continue to extend services and maintain quality to the highest level also understanding the changing demands and requirements of today’s age people
It is one of the most respected and premiere real estate developers that offer ideal homes and plots to its customers. Its main aim is to provide excellent quality and fabulous lifestyle to its customer with complete satisfaction of customer based services.

NERKAR is one of the leading land developing groups in Maharashtra. They focus on the development of premium residential, commercial, lifestyle gated communities, land development and redevelopment projects primarily in the NASHIK CITY.

The company is one of the fastest growing entities in the realty sector with a difference that offers luxury for reasonable costs, excellent customer care levels with highest customer satisfaction index and the highest imaginable standards for the welfare of its staff, society as well as for the environment.

Nerkar properties is not only builds on the lands, but on its very reputation that has been inferred from trust, honesty and goodwill since 38 years of hard work and dedication. It is well-known for building and maintaining relationships with its customers. The choice of locations and the affordable prices with quality and comfortable lifestyle makes N. K associates a renowned real estate developer within Nashik.



With the simple philosophy ‘Consistent Hard Work Leads to Success’, Nerkar Properties has redefined urban real estate in Nashik. Achieving every milestone through consistent dedication, the firm has a vision to become a global leader in the world of real estate construction. A company that provides safe, modern, and reliable residential and commercial properties. Nerkar Group strives to commit to excellency by offering a new way of lifestyle and creating investment opportunities for the clientele.


The Mission of Nerkar Properties is to modernize and cultivate a spirit of innovation and collaboration through buying and selling real estate properties. 

The Company fosters a strong bond with each client and ensures to have a competitive edge. Using the best technologies and social media campaigns, Nerkar Properties envisions itself as more than just a real developer, it is a lifestyle that is committed to revolutionize the real estate structure of Maharashtra.

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